Direct Results, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, excels at ROI like no other radio advertising agency. We have created a formula delivering success for every campaign, for every client.

We customize each campaign to meet the goals and objectives of individual advertisers. Our approach to radio advertising leverages proprietary software pinpointing the specific target audience proven to respond to your campaign. Direct Results optimizes schedules based on weekly results (monitored daily) ensuring that our clients meet and often exceed their ROI goals. Such a precise method adds up to phenomenal, measurable and continued results!

With more than495 successful campaigns generating sales exceeding $11.3-billion under our belt, Direct Results wastes no time identifying and reaching your target audience. Our depth of experience in radio, engagement marketing, promotions, audience analysis and market segmentation will catapult the ROI of your next campaign to heights never reached before.

Direct Results disciplined method of audience target messaging has continually delivered exceptional results for my clients. In fact, Direct Results unique approach to thinking outside of the box increased my client’s daily membership sign-ups from two digits to high three digits, and improved web traffic three-fold. We’ve never experienced anything like this.

Alan Stoken, Synthesis Media Consulting.