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Direct Results is in business to build your company’s success model.

Every campaign is a customized solution uber focused on reaching YOUR target, delivering a message enticing YOUR customer AND DRIVING RESPONSE – SALES!

DIRECT RESULTS WORKS WITH EVERY MAJOR BROADCASTER but we are broadcaster agnostic! No broadcasting company has more than a 9% share of consumer’s ear/ time. Work with Direct Results and reach your key consumers in each market… not just those reached by one or two broadcasting groups.

We don’t just love Media, we live it!

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Direct Results focus is response driven media by choice. We have a deep love (infatuation) for ALL THINGS AUDIO. We make it a point to know everything about the space. We cultivate relationships with the shot callers: talent, high power CEO’s and industry veterans.

Direct Results studies, practices and perfects the art of customer acquisition through effective placement of smart messaging delivered through AM/FM radio, TV, out-of-home, digital, streaming, podcast, satellite and video.

We are devoted to advertisers’ success and for the past sixteen years, our clients have grown, celebrated, WON!

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    Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. adults on a weekly basis, 272 MILLION Americans – 7 million MORE than in 2016. Whether listening on AM/FM, satellite, podcast or streaming, audio is the only medium able to capture your customers’ attention while creating “theater of the mind”.  Savvy advertisers are leveraging radio to reach consumers in their car, on their mobile device and now with smart speakers.  Let’s face it, audio is a good place to start!

    Direct Results employs the most advanced targeting technology and proprietary data to deliver customers from day one, at the right cost and grow your business at the right pace.

    Audio will drive ROI better than all other channels.
    Direct Results’ rates are untouchable, but you’ll have to call us to learn more about those details.

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What We Do

How We Do it
  • 2007

    Company Established

  • 495

    Successful Campaigns

  • $11.3 Billion

    Sales Generated

AX/Data Our Zone of


Direct Results leverages the power of our proprietary software “AudioXchange” to develop and activate highly targeted results driven campaigns.

    • (ROI) tracking for every station and advertiser equals pinpoint buying and optimization with core audiences
    • Proprietary software application categorizing radio stations using 72 demographic and psychographic characteristics
    • Over $118M in pure response data across a multitude of industries and products with new entries each week
    • Creates a model to drive a cost efficient targeted response by matching advertisers and consumers with meticulous customization

  • Our Playlist

    Of Services

    We create advertising engagement, and then some…..

  • AM/FM Terrestrial Radio
  • Podcast
  • Integrated Campaigns: TV, Cable, OTT, Program Features, Digital
  • Influencer + Endorsements
  • Satellite & Streaming Radio
  • Event Marketing + Sampling
  • PR Radio Tours
  • Out of Home Campaigns

Industries We Serve

  • Entertainment

    Consistently strong tune-in and sales, often #1

  • Health & Beauty

    Decreased CPS 57% while increasing radio budget 480%

  • Non-Profits

    Better than 2.5:1 return on advertising investment in recessionary economy

  • Home Improvement

    Increased traffic and leads on home improvement site by 400+%

  • Retail

    Staged successful grand openings for over 350 retailers and increased sales YOY by 9%

  • Financial

    Over $34-million in placements with an average ROI of 4.2:1

  • Hospitality/Travel

    Increased web traffic 14%, driving down CPS for destination traffic 8%

  • Political

    Contributed to five wins in the electoral process

Our Superstars

Our Superstars

Our Superstars

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