Current Openings

  • Marketing

    • Media Buyer (Los Angeles)

      Los Angeles, CA|Experience: 2 - 3 Years Required
    • Media Buyer (New York City)

      New York, NY|Experience: 2 - 3 Years Required
    • Account Manager (Los Angeles)

      Los Angeles, CA|Experience: 2-3 years Required
    • Account Manager (New York)

      New York, NY|Experience: 2-3 years Required

Why Direct Results

  • Fantastic Peers

    We are a team of dreaming doers who never settle. Our folks are humble and ambitious, tenacious and jolly, fast and aware.

  • Passion For Audio

    In this epic journey of all things audio, we are always looking for torchbearers.

  • Supersonic Growth

    When you don’t compromise, you maximize. At Direct Results, you will be challenged every single day to become better than your best.

A Bit About Us

Different Than The Rest

  • Unlike other agencies, Direct Results is audio advertising focused by choice. We have a deep love (infatuation) for ALL THINGS AUDIO. We make it a point to know everything there is to know about the space and we cultivate relationships with everyone involved from station managers and DJ’s to high power CEO’s and industry veterans (not to mention direct relationships with 2,400 individual broadcast partners).

    For the past twelve years our clients have benefited directly from our experience, relationships and passion for Audio Advertising.

    We don’t just live radio, we love it!

  • 96.4% success in meeting or exceeding advertiser metrics by week five
    Annual audio placements exceeding $46 Million
    Trusted by Fortune 500 brands
    One of the fastest growing Women owned business enterprises in Los Angeles.