We’re not alone saying that the current health crisis has us consuming more media than ever. 

Prior to the current health crisis people were flocking to on-demand media consumption. Podcasts, streaming services and online video platforms were on the rise and COVID-19 has accelerated the trend. In 2019, American adults consumed an hour more media than in 2018. This trend continues in 2020.  Podcast revenue is booming. According to eMarketer, podcast ad spending is projected to reach $1.1 billion in 2021. 

While podcast revenue grows, AM/FM radio reigns supreme as America’s number one mass reach media. In a given week 90% of adults listen to traditional terrestrial radio, while 22% of adults listen to podcasts. Those AM/FM listeners are back consuming AM/FM at 91% of pre-covid levels!

This current environment offers advertisers OPPORTUNITY.  The economy in the U.S. is relaunching, slowly but surely.  California, Arizona, Florida and Texas new Covid cases were  down over 20% in early August.  While we expect fluctuations, many states are closing in on “almost normal”.  Media costs remain below normal and media consumption is up.  To take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY, brands will want to relaunch quickly yet carefully and with legitimate messaging and connectivity to consumers. 

Successful business comes down to expertise, relationships and the ability to communicate for the best outcome. Direct Results has always been in the business of driving connectivity, response and maximizing Return On Investment. We have adapted our strategies to meet new consumer media habits, to maximize qualified new customer acquisition and relaunch businesses.

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