Direct Response marketing has always been a key player in the Health & Beauty industry.  Whether your selling skincare products, vitamins, or exercise programs, it’s important to understand what advertising is working and, more importantly, what isn’t working.  No one likes wasting their time or money on ineffective advertising!  Luckily, Direct Response marketing, by nature, guarantees your ad dollars will be put to good use. Direct Response is well seasoned in successfully selling Health & Beauty products and has some words of wisdom to share with the industry.

Here are some Direct Response marketing tips for Healthy & Beauty products:
  1. Make sure you a targeting and reaching the audience you want to reach.  If you’re advertisements aren’t landing in front of consumers interested in your product(s), then really what’s the point?
  2. Direct Response ads need to be attention grabbing. Through creative copy and production, make sure your ads stand out from the others, motivating consumers to pay attention.
  3. Are you solving consumers problems? Once you have targeted the right consumer and grabbed their attention, make sure your ads are offering real and clear solutions to their problems.
  4. Use emotions and back it up with logic. People often think with emotions first, logic later. Lean on the problem rather than the solution.
  5. Offers must be compelling and time sensitive. Create a sense of urgency so your customers want to act immediately before they miss out on the great offer they’ve been looking for.
  6. Increase the value of your offer by adding bonuses like an additional percentage off their next order or a free gift with your core offer.
  7. Calls to action must be clear and simple! Don’t leave anything open for interpretation or confusion.  Explain to customers exactly what they need to do to purchase your product.
  8. Follow up with your customers! Whether its an email or a phone call, remember the real success lies in keeping your existing customers coming back for more.
  9. Track results! Use specific promo codes, phone numbers, URL links, etc. Make sure you have practical and effective methods for tracking your advertisement effectiveness.