Growing Health & Wellness Industry

Americans are choosing brands that are more health and wellness conscious. Over the past decade, the wellness industry has grown to over a $168 billion market in the US (Statista, 2018). The demand for natural is apparent in consumers’ preferences for all products. 51% of households view natural as important, when it comes to their product purchases. (Nielsen, 2017). With the power of audio advertising, Health & Wellness brands have the ability to target the right consumers and further expand their reach in this continuously growing market.

  • Looking at 2018 trends, 67% of Americans said they will be prioritizing health or socially conscious food purchases. (Nielsen, 2018).
  • Personal care products with a natural label claim grew 9.1% from the previous year (Nielsen, 2017)

Transparency Matters

Consumers are paying more attention to the ingredients in their product purchases, as well as creating a demand for more transparency. Not only do they care about knowing the details of what is in their products, but have also began a rising movement gravitating towards sustainable & clean label products.

sustainable products


  • In the year 2017, dollar sales of UPC-coded organic products grew 9.8%, and unit volume increased 11.4% (Nielsen 2018).

The growing health and wellness industry is shaping the way consumers make decisions on product purchases. Radio utilizes the opportunity with advertising for the health and wellness industry. As America’s #1 reach medium, radio advertising and direct response data target the right consumers and locate the best ROI for health and wellness brands.