Radio is still the most popular media for music discovery.

A recent study found that FM radio stations remain the leading source of new music for 15 to 39-year-olds. Integr8 Research recently released new findings on how changing technology impacts radio listening, music consumption, and radio’s role of introducing listeners to new music.

Radio dominates all media channels as #1 source for new music discovery.

Some assume that the rapid growth of technology, especially with the younger generation, would diminish the popularity and use of radio.  Integr8 asked 3,140 participants, “Where do you usually hear the latest new music first?” Despite common assumptions, 49% of participants confirmed radio is their favorite media for discovering new music.  Surprisingly, Youtube, the 2nd most popular media source, followed far behind local FM radio at 16%.  The chart below suggests that participants greatly prefer radio to other on-demand/streaming music platforms. Thus, local FM radio remains the best source of new music discovery.

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