Spring Radio Season is Here!

Everyone is outside and radio is becoming the number one method of listening. Whether it’s the tech savvy with their streaming devices or the traditional crowd with their AM/FM radios, everyone is tuning in and turning up as the days get longer and warmer.

Below is what our expert radio staff believe are the top 5 categories to get on the air:

  1. Mother’s Day – Appreciation for all that Mothers do
  2. Home/Gardening – Weather is perfect for gardening
  3. Weight Loss – Swimsuit season fast approaching
  4. Allergy Product – Pollen in the air, changing temperatures
  5. Graduation – The job hunt, recruiting services

Let us not forget that Spring also brings to us Baseball season (read our last newsletter on baseball season for some fun stats).

Radio Remains Relevant

Throughout all the seasons, Radio consistently reaches 93% of all US consumers (Nielsen, 2016) on a weekly basis. Radio remains a powerful way for brands to engage their customers through sponsorships, endorsements, promotions, and great creative messaging.