The team from Nielsen Audio hosted a webinar yesterday sharing research on audio listening during Covid 19 and the quarantine. The numbers are pretty astonishing.  Radio remains the #1 REACH vehicle while maintaining 96% of its pre-Covid reach.  Total weekly audience is over 124 million – good news! While audience listening has shifted from AM drive and in-car listening is down, people/ consumers WANT to continue connecting with their favorite station personalities and they do so via radio, streaming on smart speakers, computers and a host of other devices – they are finding ways to connect from home.

Super Serving Needs

BUT there is much more GOOD NEWS to share. Broadcasters and the advertising COMMUNITY are stronger than ever, super-serving the needs of advertisers AND listeners. Advertisers are delivering messages relevant to the listener, connecting with consumers offering goods and services and addressing the current times. Listeners are responding to these relevant messages. Yesterday I heard a listener call-in to a station to say she is supporting all advertisers on air – she wants to help!

Partnership Value

MORE good news – advertisers are getting TREMENDOUS value in partnership with broadcasters. Radio stations are supporting advertisers with bonus weight and creative features to make sure those on-air are successful. You might say everyone is doing better work than a month ago because they are paying closer attention to meeting advertiser goals.

As a direct marketer, we measure response daily. We measure ROI on every dollar spent and advertisers are getting value, response and results NOW, and will continue to receive such throughout the quarantine and post Covid 19.

In my house we are uber focused on business, while listening to our favorite local station and personalities… and taking much needed dance breaks every hour. We are connected MORE now to radio than ever!

This community has always been tight. It is no surprise to see everyone working together providing tremendous value to each and every advertiser and producing only GREAT WORK!