The Smart Speaker is Here to Stay 

Adweek called voice AI “the next frontier of brand marketing and Forbes reported: “users are looking for something home-based to centralize all their devices and needs. Smart speakers are filling that void.”

An estimated 51 million people 12+ own a Smart Speaker, which is up 11% over 2017. One in six U.S. adults (or around 39 million people) now own a voice-activated smart speaker, according to research from NPR and Edison Research. With voice command, smart speakers serve multiple demographics from helping the elderly and disabled get tasks done to changing the way the younger generations receive information.

So why switch you may ask? Well, a survey of just under 2,000 individuals found that the time people spend using their smart speakers replaces time spent with other devices including the radio, smart phone, TV, tablet, computer and publication like magazines. Over half of respondents also said they use smart speakers even more after the first month of owning one.

Around 66 percent of users said they user their speaker to entertain friends and family, mostly to play music but also to ask general questions and check the weather. The versatility of the smart speaker allows people to do more than just listen to music, it changes the way they live their lives!
Via The smart audio Report, 40% of smart speaker owners say that the reason they want one is to listen to podcasts, 90% for listening to music and 77% to listen to news and information. With users using smart speakers for a variety of reasons, the time for advertisers to get on a smart speaker is now!

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