Top 5 Direct Response Marketing Tips from the Pros:

Direct Response Marketing is any advertiser’s best strategy.  Direct Response campaigns provide extensive branding opportunities maximizing Return-on-Investment and minimizing waste of dollars on ineffective channels, messages or strategy

But what does a great Direct Response campaign entail? What do you need to ensure your advertising success?

Here are the Top 5 Essential Elements to Direct Response Marketing:

  1. Campaign should be centered on big news or a big idea, a breakthrough solution to somebody’s problem.  Direct response campaigns are never advertising for branding alone. There’s a reason, a purpose, a call-to-action. Make your offer invaluable to customers. Focus on helping customers accomplish something.
           Example: “Are you STRUGGLING to pay off your mortgage?”  
  1. Use an attention-grabbing headline. The very beginning of your advertisement should compel your targeted audience to shift attention to your message. Ads should have an emotional appeal. Look at your product or service and find a way to pull on the emotional signposts of your customer.

          Example: “It’s like a first date without the awkward silence.”(Harley Davidson Ad)

  1. Make your offer irresistible. DIFFERENTIATE product/service from that of the competition, Give customers what they want. Make them excited about the value of your product or service. Validate your product/ service value. If your offer isn’t worth it, it doesn’t deserve an immediate response.

          Example: Breakthrough technology, 98% renewal rate, expert in category endorses of product.

  1. Create sense of urgency. Inspire your customers to act immediately. Direct Response campaigns require a call-to-action RIGHT NOW. Your offer should include a deadline, an expiring promo code, something to encourage customers to act then and there.

          Example: Offer ends next week!, Limited quantity available!, Lose weight before the holidays!

5. Call to action must be clear, direct, easy to understand and execute. Don’t ask customers to jump through hoops to buy your product/ service. Provide clear, simple instructions on how exactly to obtain your offer and ensure satisfaction with their shopping experience.

          ExampleCall 1-777-777-7777 to redeem your offer today!


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