Radio Advertising drives Online Sales

  • Radio has the ability to drive online search activity by 29%

  • Health and beauty items are the second most purchased item online by radio listeners

    • 39% of radio listeners have purchased a beauty product online in the past year

  • Radio reaches 91% of health and beauty online shoppers

Product Placement is Growing 

  • Product placement spending is estimated to reach 26.2 billion dollars this year

  • Brand integrations are expected to rise 14.3% since consumer trends are found to favor branded entertainment

  • Digital forms of product placements are the fastest growing categories – Ex: Beyonce mentioned the brand Telfar in the lyrics of her most recent album- and searches for Telfar have since skyrocketed

How to Prepare for the Approaching Holiday Season

  • Even though the Holidays are a ways away, tis’ the season for advertisers to start their plans to grab consumer attention, base some of your planning off these factors:

    • When consumers shop 

      • Early. For the past three years, holiday shoppers have started earlier and earlier

      • Consumers are also more likely to spread out their shopping rather than only focus on cyber week

    • Where consumers shop

      • Brick and mortar stores still prevail as the top place to shop for the Holidays, online shopping has certainly grown in recent years but has yet to top in-store shopping

    • Consumers media channel preference 

      • Consumers respond best to a mixed media approach that includes digital and traditional forms of media

Industry Fun Facts

  • Midterm political ad spending is expected to more than double compared to 2018, and may even surpass spending from the 2020 presidential election

  • Streaming services are upping their ad supported platforms

    • Disney+ is releasing an ad supported tier for $7.99/month, the same amount that customers pay now for ad-free watching, ad free viewing will now cost $3 more monthly

    • Ad-free Hulu will now cost $2 more per month

    • ESPN+ is raising their monthly price by $3, with no option to have an ad-free version

  • The Department of Justice has plans to sue Google because it “illegally dominates the digital advertising market”