Podcasts are on the Move

  • Podcasts marketing is expanding to out of home billboard campaigns

  •  “Adding that billboard is a cherry on top to help with the awareness play.” -Danielle Kramer, COO of Exactly Right Media

  • Advertising podcasts OOH offers the potential to reach reach beyond the average podcast listener

  • OOH costs are down 5.8% from 2019, which is one of the few forms of media that has not seen a drastic increase in pricing since pre-pandemic days 


Radio Ad Costs Remain Unchanged

  • Radio prices have remained the same since 2019, while CPM’s for other forms of media have increased as much as 40%

  • Total audience impressions for other forms of media have nosedived 18% with Radio dipping just 6% in overall impressions over the past 3 years for the same amount of spend

  • “As the global economy teeters on the brink of an inflationary recession, media costs may experience further volatility. Nonetheless, non-video channels are worth consideration”- Alex Brownsell, WARC Media Head of Content


Back to School means Back to Radio

  • 86% of consumers have the radio always/sometimes playing while driving their kids to school

  • 90% of radio listeners have a child in college, and 87% have two or more children under the age of 17 in their household


Radio Listeners have Healthy Lifestyles

  • Radio reaches 85% of adults who made an appointment to visit a doctor in the past year after seeing or hearing a healthcare advertisement 
  • Radio reaches 89% of adults 18+ who participate in an exercise program or attend a fitness club

  • The type of music matters!

  • Adult alternative listeners are 34% more likely to belong to a health club/gym


Industry Fun Facts

  • Podcasts guests are paying up to $50,000 to be interviewed on a single episode

  • CNN is projected to earn less than $1 billion in profit this year for the first time since 2016.

  • 2022 marks the first year that podcasts are actually in the title of a track for this October’s Ad Week