Creative Messaging is Key

  • Creative messaging is a crucial part of any successful audio campaign, and a recent Audacy study found the most effective ways to grab a listener’s attention:

    • Sonic Stimuli

      • An attention grabbing noise such as a clap or a honk can naturally grab a listener’s attention – the important next step is to keep that attention using the following two steps

    • Use the brand name at the very beginning, and continue to weave it throughout the script multiple times

    • Explain the benefit of the product to the listener

    • Stay positive

      • Be a yes man in your creative messaging- people are immersed when they are uplifted!

    • Make use of your strongest points at the end to drive engagement back up before the ad is over


Podcasts Attract a Multicultural Audience

  • 58% of multicultural audiences are monthly podcast listeners

  • Of that 58%, Latinx Americans are 12% more likely to be monthly listeners

  • GenZ (Ages 10-25) is the top LatinX audience listening in to podcasts


Inflations’ Impact on Ad Spend

  • The recession is impacting many industries, but overall ad spend is actually projected to increase by 7% in the second half of the year

  • This growth is not consistent across categories, industries seeing the biggest spend increase include:

    • Travel +27%

    • Tech +15%

  • 2023 Predictions:

    • Ad spend is predicted to be up 10% overall compared to 2022 in the first half of the new year


Industry Fun Facts:

  • Travel: After Spirit rejected a merger with United, JetBlue reached an agreement to buy them out for $3.8 billion

    • If the merger is successful, JetBlue will be the fifth largest airline in the country

  • Environment: Celebrities such as Drake and the Kardashian’s are being called out for their climate impact due to excessive private jet use, as sometimes they are using them for just a 10 minute flight