Audio Audiences are not only Engaged, but Immersed 

  • Consistent exposure to audio messages benefits brand equity and sales, and increases how immersed a listener is in the message

  • Even the heaviest audio listeners do not stop engaging with ads after being exposed multiple times, in fact their engagement continues as ad frequency grows

  • Audio spot immersion levels tested in a study by Audacy and Foundry sat around a score of 59-60 out of 100, significantly above the ad industry average of 53


Audio Ad Spend isn’t Slowing Down

  • 61% increase in podcast spend YoY

  • 56% increasing in streaming audio spend YoY

  • Overall Ad industry spend is up 2% YoY


Podcasts Bounce Back

  • After a dip in podcast downloads due to the July 4th weekend, Podcasts were up 10% week to week and shot up 74% versus this time last year 

  • Overall, unique monthly audiences from the top 5 podcast publishers were up 5% in June compared to May

  • Top 3 Most listened to podcasts in June include The Daily, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast and the Ben Shapiro Show 


Industry Fun Facts

  • In Q1 Out of Home advertising was up 71% YoY, and continued its upward trend at +37% in Q2 

  • Netflix is rapidly losing subscribers as people hit their limit on how many streaming services they are willing to pay for

    • One of their plans to combat this is to launch an ad-supported plan that is less expensive than their ad free subscription, and companies such as Hyundai and Peloton already have plans to advertise through this platform