Media Consumption is Primarily Audio Based
  • Audio accounts for 1/3 of all media consumption
  • Consumers spend more time listening to audio than they do to TV, digital or social
  • Most clients are underspending in the audio space by 60%
Invest in Audio for the highest Engagement and ROI 
  • 61% of audio listeners listen through ads, while only 19% of TV viewers actually watch ads
  • Broadcast radio delivers 70% higher ROI than the average

Targeting the Cross Platform Listener

  • Listeners who jump between radio, podcasting and streaming platforms are on the rise
  • These listeners are 33% more likely to recall brand messages and have 31% higher intent to purchase
  • A 360 degree approach to audio campaigns is becoming increasingly necessary
The Power of Investing in Personalities
  • Consumers develop a strong connection to the radio and podcast personalities they listen to- and are influenced heavily by their recommendations
  • “There’s so much power in the podcast personalities. We’ve partnered with Emma Chamberlain… She’s so unbelievably influential and has a lot of power with Gen Z, especially our shoppers, and we’ve seen it in our results.” – Kristy Karruba, director of audio strategy and planning at Macy’s

Industry Fun Facts

  • Nicotine- the FDA has officially ordered Juul to stop selling their e-cigs in the United States
  • Crypto- Bitcoin is down almost 70% from its record high, ethereum is down more than 70% and crypto exchange workers are being laid of en masse
  • Streaming Services- Netflix laid off 300 employees due to slowed revenue and increased costs