Top Categories in Radio

  • Communications (Phones service companies, cable companies,etc.) has moved to the top billing category in Q3, pacing up 26%
  • In the first half of the year concerts, events, home services and medical drove the most growth in radio
  • For the second half of the year the political, automotive, medical, home improvement, and legal categories are predicted to drive the most growth
Targeting Travelers
  • Listeners are vacationing this summer so being able to reach them anytime anywhere is important- the best way to do this is through podcasts.
  • 62% of podcast listeners will take a vacation this summer
Summertime Podcast Trends
  • 47% of podcasts listeners will do remodeling or buy appliances this summer
  • Categories people are tuning in to: Food & Drink, A 50+, daily briefing, lifestyle, reality recap, history and travel 
Industry Fun Facts
  • Cannabis- Ebro Darden, Program Director and morning show host of hip-hop “Hot 97” WQHT New York, has been named to the New York Cannabis Advisory Board.

    • Darden said he sees his role as making sure the state develops its cannabis business in a fair and equitable way. “I’m agnostic, if you will,” he said. “I’m not tied to any organization, other than just my radio program.”
  • Economy- Mortgage rates posted their biggest weekly decline since 2008 from 5.7% to 5.3%