A Summer of tuning in

  • Katz Media found that 90% of Americans tuned into radio over the long July 4th weekend

  • About 48 million people traveled 50 miles or more from their homes, and with radio being the primary in-car entertainment this created an uptick in listeners

  • Affluent households planning to install a pool and/or make other outdoor renovations were found to have a heavy exposure to radio at 180+ minutes per day

Radio’s Relation to Inflation 

  • Giveaways and promotions on radios will grab more listeners’ attention as those prizes become increasingly more desirable

  • “It’s a summer unlike any other, and local radio continues to serve listeners and advertisers alike with more chances to win. In the midst of so much family budget pressure, $1,000 is a game changer for local families, especially now.” – Andrew Curran, DMR/Interactive President

The Latest on Podcast Listeners

  • 21% of podcast listeners in the US listen to a podcast multiple times per day, 39% listen multiple times per week

  • 54% of podcast listeners only skip up to ¼ of podcast ads, and more than half of those listeners don’t skip any ads at all 

  • Heavy podcast listeners (Consumption of podcasts 6+ times per week) are typically more affluent, with with an HHI of $125,000+ compared to $103,000 for the general listener

  • Heavy podcast listeners are also likely to listen to radio as their second most used audio medium, averaging about 17 hours of radio listening per week

Industry Fun Facts

  • Advertising- jobs in advertising had their 4th highest monthly gain since the year 2000 this June, with an additional 7,300 jobs for the month

    • Total ad business employment has passed pre-pandemic levels